Top 10 Foods to Avoid stomach acid

10 Foods to Avoid stomach acid

avoid stomach acid

As already mentioned before, paying attention to food intake is an important factor to overcome stomach acid to rise. If you are sick the stomach acid, there are some foods and beverages that should be avoided or reduced, namely:

1. Brown

Brown is one of the food for the stomach acid that must be avoided. This is because the chocolate can trigger increase stomach acid by causing the muscle sphincter melemas because it contains caffeine and other stimulants theobromine. Not only that, any chocolate contains high-fat.

2. Soda

In addition to creating a bloated stomach, soda and carbonated drinks can trigger stomach acid to rise. Even the soda which also contains caffeine may make the conditions of acid in the stomach is getting worse. Well, that is, the soda is one of the food for the stomach acid that must be avoided if you do not want to experience nausea, gastric heat, and heartburn.

3. Fried foods

Food for other stomach acid that should be avoided are fried foods. Yes, fried foods are known to also can trigger reflux. These foods are associated with the heat of the stomach. Symptoms that may be experienced by sufferers is chest pain. In addition, fried foods are also known as cholesterol triggers.

4. Alcohol

Just like fizzy drinks, beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages can contribute to causing reflux. Alcohol is believed to be the valve below the esophagus relaxes (fused with the stomach) that can cause reflux.

5. High fat Milk

Basically, all the fatty foods high can cause reflux. Good milk, butter, or cheese has a fat content of approximately the same height. So, if you’re a fan of cheese and butter, but a sore stomach acid, should avoid consuming both types of food. Safer consumption of processed milk products with low-fat versions.

6. High fat Meat

If you have GERD, you should avoid high-fat meat meals. High-fat meat takes a long time to digest the body so that it can increase the production of excessive acid. Alternative you can do is to remove the fat from the meat, and eat meat only once a week.

7. Caffeine

You’ve read above that caffeine can enhance reflux. Not only does the caffeine found in coffee, but also on the tea. However, you could be consuming herbal teas such as chamomile herbal tea because it usually does not contain caffeine.

8. Tomato

If Your stomach is in trouble, we recommend that you avoid tomatoes. This fruit contains citric and Malic acids which can increase the acid in the stomach. When you consume too much tomato, the acid can flow into the esophagus. There is no other alternative, because when you serve a tomato with a way to lightly, however, this does not reduce the acid.

9. citrus Fruit

Orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit and is the fruit of the citrus. According to a study published in the Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology amongst, that restrict the intake of food can relieve symptoms of acid reflux due to the acids that rises up to the throat, such as coughs and hoarseness.

10. Onion

According to the Oklahoma Foundation for Digestive Research, people who have diseases of GERD and eating onions decreased gastric pH in quick time. The lower the pH, the acid will also be higher. It also can cause nausea and saltpeter.