2 Easy Tricks to Overcome Diabetes

2 Easy Tricks to Overcome Diabetes

For some, the fight against diabetes is indeed easy-easily distress. However, if you are committed, hard kok baseball to do so. For example, by applying the diet and exercise that right. In short, applying a lifestyle that is recommended for people with diabetes. What is the reason?

Overcome Diabetes

It turns out that rely on medication alone baseball enough to fight diabetes. In fact, the use of the drug in the long term will impact negatively, lho. For example, increases the risk of degenerative diseases, heart failure, liver, and kidneys.

Before you also don’t forget if diabetes consists of two types, i.e. type 1 and 2. The first type is the condition that carried away at birth. While the second, appears at a time when adult. Generally very error-related patterns of living and eating is done accumulatively. Although baseball’s absolute, sufferers of type 2 diabetes was most troubled by obesity.

Then, how the heck do I live still qualified despite have diabetes though?

1. Adjust eating patterns

The word experts, people with type 2 diabetes who are obese also are usually difficult to control appetite. Many of those who apply a strict low-calorie diet, but instead make it feel depression because very difficult to do so.

According to world renowned nutrition expert such methods already ancient. So, if there are any changes should be necessary against the concept of a conventional diet. Should people with diabetes need to be understanding of healthy and balanced diet. For example, such food combining diet, raw food diet, or a diet based naturopathy.

Believe it or baseball, when eating patterns were applied correctly is able to meet the needs of pengidapnya holistically. Nah just that alone, people with diabetes are psychologically much happy because not tormented by hunger. Such eating patterns are also good for physical pengidapnya. Because the needs of enzymes, nutrients, to the vast gardens will would be sure. Well, it’s this condition that can increase the likelihood of recovering for diabetics.

Then, the food is whatever the heck good is consumed for people with diabetes?

  • Oatmeal. This one is known as the breakfast menu is good for people with diabetes. Percangkirnya, contains four grams of fiber which can keep the sugar levels in the blood. According to a study reported by the reader’s Digest, such as a cup of oatmeal consumption five times a week, can lose 39 percent risk for developing type 2 diabetes. It’s just baseball, oatmeal can also prevent diabetics to eat to excess. Interesting, right?
  • Blueberries. This famous fruit rich in antioksidannya. According to the study, the content of anthocyanins in the fruit can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes for more than 20%.
  • Yogurt. High protein, low fat, and low in carbohydrates, fat-free yogurt make good consumed bapi pendidap diabetes. The content in it can decrease the absorption of glucose in the body.
  • Garlic. Try to use white as a food seasoning. The content of protein, vitamins A and B-1 on garlic could stabilize the sugar levels in the blood. In addition, alisin compounds in it is very good to reduce the symptoms of diabetes.
  • Brown rice. Rice is indeed notable in reducing the blood sugar levels in the body due to the large number of fiber in it. Baseball believe? According to the study, comparison between fiber weight of white and brown rice is 1:8.

2. Must remain active

In addition to food, exercise is also important for the baseball people with diabetes. The sport is as a complement in a person with diabetes living patterns change. check out what good sports applied by people with diabetes.

  • Cardio exercises. Cardio exercise is highly recommended for people with diabetes. For example, swimming, walking, or jogging. For swimming, this sport can improve cardiovascular fitness so aliaran blood and oxygen so more smoothly. When done regularly, swimming is also able to lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure. So, in addition to control diabetes, the body you will also fit thanks to this sport.
  • Yoga. Yoga is known both for preventing and treating diabetes type 2. Generally people with diabetes showed a distinctive physical characteristics. For example it can be seen from the skin body covering the area of the pancreas which looks dark or mengeriput because these areas lack the physical stimulation. Well, there are some concepts of yoga therapy that could enable the area. How to do a series of poses that are backbendding or twisting with the tools. According to experts, this way in General can help improve the quality of health of people with diabetes.
  • Strength training to muscle. If you have a strong, muscular body it would be easy to regulate blood sugar. That’s the reason The American Diabetes Association recommends that people with type 2 diabetes do this kind of exercise. Lifting weights, for example. This type of exercise as it helps the body to respond to insulin better.